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Parenting – it’s a lot like peeling an onion….

Making a mess and often times being smelly, regular, ringed slices interspersed with a layer that brings tears to your eyes. 

Dotted among the mundane moments of parenting are moments of such pure beauty, it steals my breath away & brings a tear to my eye. It’s easy to get bogged down in the mundane of this modern life. The constant pressure and rush. The schedules and the time allocations and the monotony of day to day life. By the end of each day, falling into bed exhausted and unable to count the amount of times I yelled at my kids…

Stop that!

Why are you crying?

Stop fighting!

Don’t touch that!

Please be quiet for just a moment!

But then there are moments that knock my breath away, that make my emotions leak from my eyes. 

There are moments with my children when I’m reminded  of what a gift, what a privilege this is. Little moments of discovery, like peeling back the layers of an onion and discovering natural perfection underneath, or unwrapping a layer in pass the parcel, to reveal yet another layer when you know you’re going to find a gem in the middle.

Raising my children is a lot like this. Perfect moments sprinkled like magic among the mundane.

I’m finding the older my children get the more I’m learning about them, the more they are revealing themselves, layer by layer and it’s a humbling and curious journey. I mean no parent knows what their child will be like, but as they grow, they start to reveal glimpses of who they are and who they have the potential to be. 

Hannah – so sweet and gentle with a musical soul. Her ability to love is untouchable. Her kindness unshakable. Her sensitivity, which at times drives me mad, is an incredible, enduring and special gift she will unleash on the world. This child, she is all sugar and spice and all things nice. 


Much excitement over the possibility of rain!

A photo posted by Sharon (@blessedbarrenness) on

And Ava….. my quirky, tenacious, child, who I’m at times, convinced is destined to be either a hoarder of epic proportions, with her collection of boxes or a passionate & misunderstood artist with her patience and attention to detail. Her intelligence astounds me. Her artistic flare leaves me amazed. Such talent is going to lead this child somewhere someday…. 


This sassy child! She owns my ❤️

A photo posted by Sharon (@blessedbarrenness) on

And it’s in those moments, when my children reveal a new layer of who they are, a glimpse of who they will one day be, that I find myself realizing what an incredible gift, albeit painful, stinky and at times annoying, this parenting can be. 


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