My girls are growing up soooo fast. Too fast really. Especially Ava, it feels like the older she gets, the more time seems to speed up and the faster she matures.

If I were a superhero, I’d totally want my superpower to be manipulating time.

There are periods of my life I wish I could speed up. But watching my children grow is a privilege and I wish I could slow that time down.

You guys, Ava is losing all her milk teeth. It’s a constant reminder that my superpowers have failed me. I can’t manipulate or slow down time. It started with the two bottom front teeth last year, then we had a long period where her teeth stayed put and I got lulled into believing I could keep her a little girl for a little bit longer.

Then a few months ago, she started complaining about her mouth being sore. Her complaints became more frequent and then one day I looked inside her mouth. What I saw almost made me faint. On her top gums, at the back of her mouth, were massive, bloody, masses. The poor kid could hardly eat, she was in soo much pain. 

Now, I’ll admit, what I am about to share next will definitely show why I won’t ever win mother of the year award. But on spotting those bloody masses in Ava’s mouth, I finally pulled finger and booked her a dentist appointment. HER FIRST ONE! I know, total mom fail! She visited the dentist for the FIRST TIME at age 6!

The dentist took one look, told us to all just calm the hell down and then he went on to explain that Ava has grown her adult molars and that yes, it is perfectly normal, unusual, but normal for adult molars to come through when the balance of her milk teeth are still in tact.

He also gleefully shared with us that Ava would definitely need braces when she’s a teenager because she has a very small jawline. Apparently, when you have a little one, you actually want them to have teeth like the stars, sparkly and white and far between. Gaps in their milk teeth is, according to our dentist, a sign that there is space in the jaw for adult teeth and it is the holy grail of toddler teeth. Who knew right?

He also mentioned that all of Ava’s adult teeth are engaged or coming through and we could expect her to start losing her milk teeth more rapidly. 

And then…. this happened:

Parenting Milestones

On Saturday, the tooth fairy came to visit. She’s had a loose at the bottom and it finally came out. But almost all the teeth in her mouth, barring the adult molars and two bottom middle teeth which are adult teeth, are now loose. I can’t deal you guys. Also, in the next couple of weeks, we’re going to have a Haas Bek! Both her top front teeth are loose, one of the adult ones is already pushing through and it has squished and made her milk front teeth go all skew. 

It’s happening too fast! She’s growing up too quickly.

I mean I’m going to blink and she’ll be wearing a bra and having her period and I’m JUST NOT READY!