I attended the Living & Loving Pampers Premium Care Workshop on Saturday morning with a bunch of my fellow IF sisters now Mom’s. It was fabulous and such great value for money. Tickets were R150 and we were spoiled rotten. The event was held at the Johannesburg Country Club, in the ballroom, it was attended by a very large number of women. The tables were decorated beautifully, when we arrived we were treated to Tea’s, Coffee’s, juices, muffins, croissants, yoghurt and fruit and spoiled rotten with these fab gift bags. The gift bags were stuffed full of all kinds of goodies, Living & Loving mags, Nam dummies and catalogues, weaning and feeding bowls of all different variety, weaning and feeding spoons and forks, bath thermometers, baby products, nappies, you name it, it was to be found inside the lovely gift bag.

The even started off with a presentation by Pampers on how their Premium Care nappies are the only nappies on the market that can also absorb wet/runny poo. These are the nappies I’ve been using for Ava and while they are the most expensive, I love how they feel, like soft cotton as opposed to the plasticy feel of conventional disposables.

After their presentation, we had a presentation by Sister Lilian of the Sister Lilian Centre. The talk was amazing, it was all about discipline and healthy sleeping habits in babies and toddlers. I absolutely love her parenting approach. It sits much more comfortable with me than the whole controlled crying and sleep training approach which I tried a couple of weeks back. There were some key statements that she made that really struck a chord with me but the one thing she said that really reaffirmed where I stand on my parenting style is that I definitely fall part of the “mother knows best” parenting style. I tried the controlled crying and routine training parenting style and while it works wonders for some, it did not work for us. I don’t have the temperament for it, I could not stand to hear my baby cry constantly and each time I went into her room to fetch her for a feed I hated myself when I saw her snotty nose and red eyes and tear stained cheeks, it felt unkind.

After the presentation, there was a Q&A session and a HUGE brunch buffet, I know we certainly made sure we got our monies worth!

On another note…. I discovered this weekend that I’ve lost a week in my babies life. I was convinced that she was 11 weeks old yesterday, but after a discussion with a friend who’s baby is of a similar age, I’ve discovered that my little darling is in fact now 12 weeks old! I can’t believe she’s going to be 3 months old this Saturday. She’s grown so much and the changes over the past two weeks have been phenomenal. She’s settled into a wonderful sleeping routine, is eating well, is very talkative and happy and giggly and she has started figuring out her depth perception…. just yesterday while I was shaking a rattle for her, she reached up and for the first time ever managed to take it out of my hand. So proud of my little sausage!