distorted-mirrorHeroes and those that inspire us come in all shapes & sizes. You’re never too fat, too thin, to0 ugly, too old or too young to be an inspiration. Sometimes we inspire people without even knowing it or meaning to. Sometimes, our very struggle is what inspires others.

Bianca and her family are like that for me. Bianca has inspired me tremendously over the past year that I’ve known her and her story. Yesterday morning, I lay in bed thinking about my FET that lies ahead and all the emotions and fears that go along with that. Dreading the discomfort of the Intralipid infusion and what is surely going to be very unpleasant daily progesterone and estrogen shots, dreading the torture of the 2ww. I was feeling anxious and a little afraid of having to deal with what lies ahead.

While drinking my morning cup of coffee, I was reading updated blogs in my reader and came across this wonderful post by Lea, while reading the recap of every single procedure and treatment and illness that Bianca has lived thrived through over the past 830 days, the tears started to roll down my cheeks. And the more I read about her brave battle, the more I realized that what I’m going through pales in comparison, that as an adult, I’ve been asked to face something that seems so small and so insignificant in comparison to what this brave little girl has handled.

Reading that post gave me courage to face what lies ahead, yes there will be discomfort, yes there will be fear and some pain. But if Bianca can win her battle as such a young age then so can I!