You’ll recall that I was absolutely astounded to discover that I’d been nominated for Mommy Blogger Of The Year run by Kidzworld. So you can imagine my utter surprise when I was notified this morning that not only had I been nominated, but that I’d made the list of Top 10 finalists!

To say that I’m a little intimidated by the competition is an understatement, so amazing is the list of esteemed bloggers who have made the Top 10. But in the words of my friend and fellow finalist, Celeste -“at least I got picked ….. and am not left on the field in my camel toe shorts …” who’s nomination blog posting was so excellent and hilariously funny that based on that alone, I believe she should win!

Other nominee’s, whom I totally adore and am left feeling completley intimidated by and like I am the fat girl standing on the side of the field in her camel toe shorts, praying someone will pick me, include:

Last years winner, Stacey from Living Lionheart – nuff said!

Natasha from Raising Men – who’s beautiful blog and eye for interesting entertainment for children leaves me feeling like a boring mommy.

Jessie from Miss Preggy – who constantly reminds me of what a power house mom she is and she’s doing it single handedly – respect Sista!

Voting is now open for your favourite Mommy Blogger, so head on over to Kidwzworld and vote for your favourite Mom blogger  or me!



Congratulations to everyone who has been nominated! And thanks again for nominating me, I am truly honoured!