This picture…. it represents so much more than words can ever express. This picture is a symbol of hope, it is a sign of triumph it is a reminder to us all to NEVER give up on our hopes and dreams. This picture represents the hopes and dreams and heartache and pain and suffering of four women.

This picture reflects sisterhood. Women who stood together during the toughest trials and came out triumphant and still standing together. Sure we fought and we got hurt but through it all, we held each other up and kept each other going. 

This picture reflects a combined 28 years of infertility.

This picture represents about 15 surgeries.

This picture represents about 22 combined miscarriages.

This picture represents about 12 IVF’s (invitro fertilization’s).

This picture represents about 10 artificial insemination’s.

This picture represents women determined enough to make their dreams come true that they endured and they triumphed, they used donor sperm and donor eggs, they put their bodies and souls on the line and they WON!

This picture represents our motley crew of the most perfect miracles we could ever have imagined. 

This picture represents cross racial families.

This picture represents families created by adoption.

Families created by medical science.

Families created by miracles. 

This picture reflects the spirit of women. It reflects their strength. Their determination. Their courage.

This picture represents hope!

If you are still in the trenches of infertility, let this picture inspire and encourage you.

Between the 4 of us, horribly infertile women, we have EIGHT children now! Sure, it took a huge amount of courage and fear and pain and suffering…. but it was so very worth it in the end! 

Infertility Hope 1
They are the most beautiful children ever seen because they represent what cannot be seen but only felt.