Last week I blogged about my FET preparations and about getting my butt back in gear and taking my meds. Well one of the meds I have to take is fairly important, I was diagnosed with Hyperprolactinemia first by my gynae after my first miscarriage and subsequent inability to fall pregnant and then again by Dr G when I left that other clinic and moved to Vitalab. This condition is treated with the drug Parlodel. I’ve taken Parlodel on and off over the past couple of years but have, I have to be honest, not taken it at all since my IVF failed in March. With my FET looming I figured it would be best to start taking it again but for some reason I’m experiencing terrible side effects this time around.

Since restarting it last week, I have battled with severe fatigue, dizziness, stuffy nose, headaches and heart palpitations. Yesterday my palpitations were so severe it started to feel like I was going to get a panic attack because of the anxiety it was creating. Eventually I left work and came home to try and sleep off the effects of the medication because I was useless at the office, I was paralyzed by the anxiety and unable to concentrate. Just as I arrived home, as I got out the car, I got such a hectic dizzy spell that I grazed my hand on the garage wall and took all the skin off the top of my hand.  I have emailed my RE but will not be taking any more of this medication. I know there are other meds for Hyperprolactinemia but that they’re much more expensive but to be honest, I don’t care, these side effects are just awful1

But do you know what did make my day yesterday?? A package all the way from Australia, from my sweet friend – Sassy Cupcakes,containing the most delicious smelling whipped cream soap you EVER smelled, it smells so goodDSC00754 that I may be tempted to eat it instead!!!! Thanks Sassy, this really made my day!