Bought to you by Vanish. 

There is a whole lot of pink the the VW household. Poor Walter is outnumbered by the pink, 3 to 1. And we’re a bunch of messy pink piggies too. Between Ava, Hannah and I, Walter spends his life in an exasperated huff over some or other mess that one of us has made. Poor, long suffering Walter, not only is he outnumbered by the pink, but he’s outnumbered by the piggies too. He’s the anal retentive clean freak in our house. Now I know that makes me sound like a dirty piggie but I prefer to think of it as being more focused on the important stuff. For example, we were interviewed by TalkSA recently, on hearing they wanted to interview us for the TV show, my first reaction was squeals of delight & excitement about being able to share our amazing adoption story and perhaps giving hope and encouragement to others walking a similar journey to us, Walters was one of utter horror because God forbid the crew come in our home and see the marks on the stupid lounge carpet!

So now you can understand the dynamic? One times anal retentive neat freak, trapped in a home with 3 messy pink piggies!

Thank goodness for: Trust Pink Forget Stains!

Vanish appears on my monthly shopping list. It’s a product we use a LOT of! There is always some kind of stain removal going on in the VW household, whether it be cleaning red wine I’ve sloshed on my pants, tea stains off my white shirt or blood off the knees of Ava’s pants after a tumble off her bike. Since Hannah started eating solids, we have a bucket permanently stationed in the shower of the girls bathroom that is topped up with a fresh supply of Vanish for soaking filthy bibs & other items of clothing daily.



Eating & drinking appear to be messy tasks for the pink VW piggies so there will be continued support of Vanish’s Trust Pink Forget Stains… now if only I could convince Walter to forget the stains!