Pinterest is a LIE!

Forget the cake is a lie! Pinterest is a lie! Making craftily challenged mom’s like me believe since 2010! And worst of all, we, or at least, I, keep believing!

I’ve shared a few of my craftily challeneged projects here on my blog! 

And my husband will tell our kids that the lesson from all of this is that even though Mom knows she sucks at crafts, she still continues to try. Or as I call it….

Mom is just stupid!

Because I still continue to believe that I can recreate whatever beautiful craft I’ve spotted on Pinterest, which usually results in hours of frustration and me gluing some part of my body to the dining room table! And yet, I still continue to believe and try!

In the words of Forrest Gump – Stupid is what stupid does!

 Yes stupid. I hate every moment of it. It makes a huge mess. I usually leak frustration from my eyes and venom from my mouth, but I still stick steadfastly to the belief that I can do it! That is stupid!

So Valentines Day,2017…

and once again, I find myself sitting at the table, surrounded by my excited children, with a craft box (snigger) spread out in front of us, attempting to make Valentines Love Owls out of paper bags for the kids teachers!

This was the original idea…. Thanks stupid, lying, Pinterest:

And after a lot of this…..

And then some of this……

We landed up with this…..

And then I just go the giggles! Because seriously! Those look more like monster sloths than Owl Love Bags! But hey, my kids loved it!

Worst of all!

I still haven’t lost belief in Pinterst! Just yesterday, I created an entire pin board dedicated to Hannah’s 4th birthday party next week and I’ve printed out a bunch of recipes for home made treats, including Ombre Rice Crispy treats and coconut ice that I plan on making!

Will I ever even learn?

My husbands only comment was that we should stock up on a few boxes of doos wine and tissues before the weekend because he sees lots of crying in y near future!


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