I’m so unbelievably nervous, I’ve been breathless since yesterday. Today, at 10h30, I will be sitting down with my directors and presenting them with a proposal regarding a change in my office hours. The thing is, I just simply cannot get over my heart that when I return to work I will get to spend about 2.5 hours with Ava in an entire day! The thought of it is almost killing me, I just cannot do it!!!

So after lots of thought and believe me, both Walter and I have spent the last 4 months thinking about this,  I’ve come up with a proposed solution I hope they will agree to.  I’m not the SAHM type, I love my job and I love the interaction with my clients, so I need to return to work. Well that and that I earn a good salary and could never ever ask Walter to absorb that kind of money into his salary, it just wouldn’t be possible. I’m going to propose that my office hours be altered from 08h00 – 16h30 to 08h00 – 13h30 and I’ve proposed what I believe to be a fair salary cut based on my basic salary, broken down into the hours worked per day. It’s a fair chunk of change that I will lose, but we can afford it now that we no longer have to save outrageous sums of money for treatment. I’m also going to propose that I will be available on my mobile phone outside of those office hours as well as on a laptop should there be an emergency and that they give me a 3 month trial period to allow me to prove to them that this can be done.

I’ve prayed about this and thought about this a lot over the past few months and I really do believe its the best solution for us. I believe in signs and I believe that God has given us a sign that this is the way forward. This month, when we came back from holiday, Walter was confused by the amount of money that had been transferred as his salary into his account. He was convinced his company had some how made a mistake and over paid him. Well it turns out, it was not an error, the company had done salary increases and had felt that given Walter’s level of committment he should be justly rewarded for his efforts. Walter works long hard hours in a very high pressure environment, so I’m very happy to see that he’s with a company that recognizes and rewards hard work.  And guess what it works out to? In terms of my proposal and the cut in my salary, it works out almost rand for rand to be the exact amount I stand to lose should my directors agree to my new terms of employment.

So please Lord, let this be a sign that everything is going to work out!