If you’ve followed me online for any period of time, you’d know by now that I SUCK at anything crafty or DIY. I’m just really really bad with it. I have these amazing visions that just never seem to turn out as I pictured them.

And then of course….

You can’t have nice things when you have kids! Actually, let me add… you can’t have nice things when you have kids or dogs! Because let’s be honest, they just destroy everything! But there is one room in my house where I try to relax a little. Actually, who am I kidding, between the cracked TV screen and the manky couch, I’ve pretty much given up. And that’s our TV room, I just honestly, can’t muster the energy to care or to spend anymore money on nice things that get trashed. 

Second Hand Furniture

A year or so ago, my folks down scaled quite substantially and had a lot of excess furniture which I snatched up! We’d recently moved into a larger house and didn’t have the furniture to fill the rooms or the funds to splurge on new furniture so I took the hand me downs with a grateful heart.

But ….

Between my Dad’s slippered feet resting on the coffee table and subsequently my kids using the table as a pigs trough, it was looking shocking! Embarrassingly so!

Exhibit A

Years of abuse have left this trusty pine coffee table looking a lot worse for wear. The varnish was pretty much scuffed off, it had dings and scratches everywhere and it was just plain embarrassing, so when Prominent Paints offered to assist us with a make over, I jumped at the opportunity! 

We headed off to our closest Prominent Paints store….

With a bunch of images from Pinterest (snort) and stars in our eyes and honestly a little bit of fear in our hearts. Both my husband and I SUCK at crafts and DIY so this table restoration was going to be a challenge for us, especially because I had decided that I wanted the table restored and then painted in bright red, high gloss finish! 

But we needn’t have worried, the staff were so helpful, after a few raised eyebrows and dubious looks at our grand design, they put together a package of everything we’d need to make my high gloss, red table dreams come true!

I chose the Prominent Premium Gloss Enamel in Signal Red. And with all our goodies loaded in the car, we headed home to get started. Even our kids, the destroyers, were rather excited to get stuck into this project and they helped, granted, with a lot of patience from their dad and paint in their hair, we all got stuck in and took turns on our little project to give our TV room something nice!

After a lot of sanding, priming and prep work we started applying the bright red paint….. And even though the table still needs a few more coats, I couldn’t be more thrilled with the results!

I still want to give the table a few more coats of the red but for now I am thrilled with how this project turned out and it landed up being so much easier than we thought it would!

Even my dogs have given it their stamp of approval!

It was  fun project for the whole family and just goes to show, that even when you can’t have nice things, with the help of the professional and knowledgeable staff at Prominent Paints, you can turn your manky, kid soiled items into something bold and eye catching.

I love it! Thank you Prominent Paint!

Clearly this little project has inflated our self belief because since completing it, we have now FINALLY gotten around to also painting Ava’s bedroom and her bunk bed, both of which have needed attention for months!

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Disclaimer, we were given the materials for this project in exchange for sharing our experience on my blog.