We left the KZN South Coast early on Saturday morning with the intention of stopping off in Durban and meeting up with some fellow IF buddies based in Durban for brunch before the last stretch of our journey home. I was initially quite apprehensive about this meeting. I hadn’t met some of these girls, as in ever, only chatted online with them. And the few who I had met in real life, I hadn’t seen in almost 2 years. A lot has happened in that time and a couple of them had been caught in the middle of a “situation” from last year. A “situation” that did force people to take sides and a “situation” that had left me feeling uncertain of where I stood with them and who I could trust with my feelings & emotions during my difficult & rapid transition to motherhood. I was worried that the topic of the “situation” would be raised and it’s something I didn’t want to discuss or get into. I have never shared the details & the “nitty gritties” with these friends and I didn’t want to open the cellar doors, so to speak, now. I know I am guilty of withdrawing somewhat from these friends, but it was mostly because of the uncertainty I felt about the “situation” they’d been inadvertently, on some levels, drawn in to and most certainly not because I valued these friendships any less.

I discussed my feelings with Walter while we were on holiday, rehashed the whole ugly situation again and listen to his take on it all. But I needn’t have worried.

The meeting with old friends was wonderful and exactly what I’d hoped it would be. A little chaotic with all the toddlers running around and not too much of a chance to sit down & have a nice long chat, but the friendship was still there and still unchanged and it has made my heart happy.

I’m looking forward to meeting with all these girls again on our next visit to KZN. Thanks again to Mich, Jana, Tertia, Wendy, Sammi & Lisette for a great brunch!

Durban FC Girls