Reflections From Our Ballito Holiday

It’s been almost a week since we arrived back from holiday and I’m finally starting to feel like life is getting back to normal, and I use the term normal rather loosely! We didn’t have the best weather, so there was a lot of relaxing and time to think.There is just something about the ocean that I find cathartic. Some of my best “thinking” and recharging happens when I’m at the ocean. Perhaps it’s because I pretty much grew up on a beach? My Dad only very recently quit surfing, he’s in his 70’s now and so as kids, we spent our lives on the beach.

Thoughts from our holiday…..

I have the disease of being busy

Don’t we all right? But it’s reached the point where I don’t know how to be “unbusy” anymore. Does that make sense? It became very clear over the holidays that I don’t know how to relax anymore. I don’t know how to do nothing. I find it quite stressful. I had to force myself to turn my work email off on my phone but I did make the fatal mistake of taking my laptop with me, which meant that I had to work very hard at not succumbing to the temptation of working while on holiday. It was really so difficult for me to just sit back and relax with a book or with my family, I felt so restless and so agitated and it took a good few days for me to relax properly and unwind and then of course it was time to pack up and come home. 

Hannah my sensory child

Both Walter and I were incredibly excited for Hannah to experience this beach holiday. It’s the first Ballito holiday we’ve had since she was 2 and finally she is at an age where she can really appreciate being at the beach. Our first holiday with her at the coast was PURE HELL! She was beside herself with excitement in the lead up to our holiday and literally drove us crazy with her excitement. The day we arrived, the first thing she did on seeing the ocean from our ground floor, holiday apartment, was clamp her hands over her ears and shout that it’s FAAAAR TOOO LOUD! 

It was an aha moment! Shortly after our holiday from hell, we’d taken Hannah to see an OT. Where she was diagnosed with Auditory Defensiveness among other things. I wish we’d taken her to see the OT before that holiday from hell. It all made perfect sense in hindsight. No wonder she was so agitated the first time around, with her auditory issues, the sound of the ocean was completely overwhelming for her, add to that the very newness of her placement and the stress she was under and it’s little wonder she hated and by extension, we hated every moment of that holiday!

Ava…. is the animal whispering, beach bum, tomboy!

Ava, oh Ava, where to I even begin. This kid, she is a beach bum through and through. She did not care how freezing or rainy it was, from the moment her eyes opened every morning, she asked to go to the beach. She didn’t just go to the beach, she swam, even when it was too freezing for the rest of us!

She’s a tomboy! She does not care a damn about looking pretty, she wants to be comfortable, she hates any clothing that restrict her movement, so she spent the entire holiday either in her swimming costume, or in this get up below:

She has also convinced that she is going to work at Flag Animal Farm when she’s a teenager because she just loves animals that much and somehow animals seem to sense that about her. This tiny baby lamb, was a little obsessed with her the entire time we were there!

It really was a very relaxing holiday. A very exciting opportunity came my way while we were away and I can’t wait to tell you all about it! I find time away like this always brings us closer as a family and somehow, out of our everyday environments, I feel like I learn more and more about the dynamics of our family and about the quirks of each of us individually. 

Where is your favourite local location for a family holiday? 



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