In the years preceded Ava’s placement with us  I dreamed about what it would be like to cuddle a baby, I dreamed about butterfly kisses, the smell of a freshly bathed baby, of soft lips and warm cuddles. I really did view motherhood through the same rose tinted glasses as women the world over.

Along came Ava and my rose tinted glasses were rudely removed and I got a serious reality check.


Motherhood Perception Reality
But as Ava has developed from a helpless baby into a strong willed little girl, determined to stamp her independence on everything she does, I’ve found myself enjoying motherhood more and more.  Every new experience has become precious to me and the time spent together are building the foundations of memories that will last me a life time, like teaching her to ride a bike.
For the longest time Ava has been asking for a pink bike with pedals and her Oupa relented and got her one for her birthday in December.

It’s been a good 33 years since I learned to ride a bike but teaching Ava has brought back so many of my own childhood memories, precious time spent with my dad learning to ride bikes, roller skate, wind surf. Of precious quality time spent with my parents and it’s these moments as Ava grows that I cherish the most!

Learning to ride a bike was hard and sweaty work for me. Thirty seconds in madam ramped a pavement and toppled over, scraping her knee’s and falling with the bike on top of her which required that for the rest of the lesson, I had to run next to the bike with my hand on her neck because if said hand was removed, she’d freak out and refuse to ride. but seeing the look of pride and accomplishment on her face when we’d completed a circuit of the road in our area made all the huffing, puffing an sweating while running alongside her bike so very very worth it!


Swimming Nov 2012 001


Swimming Nov 2012 008


Swimming Nov 2012 011


Clearly it was exhausting for her to because she past out, covered in scrapes and plasters within minutes of us getting home!
Swimming Nov 2012 018
Swimming Nov 2012 016
Every day I’m reminded of how blessed I am to be parenting this amazing little girl, every day I thank God for bringing us together, every day I learn something from her, she’s my happy place, she teaches me daily to not sweat the seemingly huge hurdles in my life and to simply delight in life’s simple pleasures, like learning to ride a bike!