I’ve been going through a hard time lately, not something I can talk about on my blog, not yet at any case. Nothing of a personal nature, suffice to say, its really getting me down. I’ve been plodding along, not feeling my usual perky self.

And it’s exactly at times like this that I need to find reason’s to be grateful. Find reasons, as hard as it may be, to see how blessed I am.

Yesterday, I read Julia’s blog about her routine that leaves her exhausted and I had an a-ha moment. I realized how fortunate I am.

Fortunate to have Loveness – who cleans my home, writes my shopping lists, loves & cares for my child, cuddles my dogs and makes my life easier in so very many ways. She says we are a blessing to her but I’m definitely going to have to think of something to do or give to her to show her what a blessing she is to us. I’m grateful each morning when I put on my clean, ironed clothes – which I have not cleaned or ironed myself. When I climb into my bed every Monday evening, with fresh clean bedding. When I take a shower with fresh clean towels. When I come home to a clean and tidy home with no chores for me to do. When I have a baby sitter on call when I’m stuck at work late, or when I have something I need to do. When Walter and I feel we need a grown up evening out, she’s always there. I’m grateful for Loveness who makes my busy life so much easier.

Fortunate to have Walter – who is an active participant in all that happens within our home. Granted, he’s not the world’s best handy man, but he tries and when he fails, he’s willing to find someone who can fix the problem. He strives to make my life easier by always being proactive in what he see’s something needs doing. If he notices the laundry basket is full and Loveness is off, he’ll start a load of washing, without me having to ask him. He will change Ava’s nappy whenever it needs changing, without me having to ask him. He’ll take the shopping list and do the shopping if he knows life so frantic that I won’t get a change to, without me having to ask him. I cook, he always tidies the kitchen when I’m done. He is thoughtful and kind in terms of sharing responsibility in ways that I know a lot of husbands are not. He’s never selfish with his time, always willing to stay home and watch Ava is I want to go for a pedicure, hair cut, dinner with the girls. He makes my life easier and is a blessing to me, I’m going to have to find away to show him how much his thoughtfulness means to me.

My home is my happy place, my home is where my heart is, my home with my husband and my child and our Loveness, I miss it when I’m taken from it, I miss it when I’m away from it. That alone is reason to be grateful.