Removing The Filters Because What You See Isn’t What You Get!

If you’re anything like me, please say you are, then you also struggle with your own insecurities. And living in the world we live in, I have found myself bombarded by images and snippets of lives that leave me feeling….. lacking. 

Not good enough. Not smart enough. Not pretty enough. Not young enough. Not relevant enough. Not cool enough. 

I recently saw this video and it really got me thinking, have a watch:

We can’t just lay the blame squarely at the feet of the fashion and beauty industry. We are all just as much responsible and guilty of this phenomenon of inadvertently making, especially woman feel like they don’t measure up.

Everything about our lives is filtered.

And that’s the nature of of the world we live in. Nobody wants to look at ugly images. Everybody wants to put their best foot forward. To show the best version of themselves and their lives, even when it’s not completely honest and real.

Think about it.

I know I did. Everything I share online is carefully thought out, carefully edited and presented to be the best version of me. But what if the best version of me is not who I really am? 

I find myself looking and comparing myself to others all the time. Looking at what gets presented of others lives and often feeling disappointed in myself. How sad? 

Because nothing is really what it seems.

And no one is really as they seem. Especially in this online world of ours. It’s so easy to buy into the filtered and edited images and versions of ourselves and others and believe it to be real when in fact it’s a filtered up version of the truth.

So, I thought I’d remove my filter and show you me. 

So often people comment on my photo’s that I look young for 44, that my make up always flawless, that I have incredible skin etc. And while those comments are lovely and I do so enjoy them, the fact remains, they don’t really mean anything when they’re about the filtered version of me and not the real me.

I can’t guarantee that I”m going to fill my blog and social media feeds with unfiltered real images of me, because really, nobody and mostly me, don’t want to look at that. But I did want to create that video as a reminder to me and to you, that what you see online is almost never the purest version of the person behind the filter.

And I’m going to try to remember that the next time I feel insecure or lacking when being bombarded by the millions of images I see daily.

That was kinda scary to share. I’m wondering if any of you would show me the real, unfiltered version of you? If you’re keen, tag me on IG: BlessedBarrenness  and use the hash tag #nofilter #unfiltered 

I’ll go first:

#nofilter #unfiltered



  • Gaelyn Cokayne

    Gaelyn Cokayne

    January 16, 2017 at 7:43 am

    Love love love this! When I still
    Blogged and spent more time online I often felt inadequate and not good enough. It’s one of the reasons I decided to leave my blog for a while. I don’t like comparing myself to others and wondering why “they had it so much better than I did”! I questioned why MY child/husband/friends/social life/home/food/life didn’t look as wonderful as theirs. I made a conscious decision to back away and spend more time in my real life and in the real world and focus on the parts of people that aren’t always shared online. It’s changed my life and allowed me to find my confidence and love for my own life again.

    I’ll gladly share an unfiltered photo and I hope lots of other women do too. I believe we are most beautiful when we embrace our flaws and all the little quirks that make us who we are. Thanks for sharing this Sharon, I hope it helps women realize that it’s a wonderful thing to share their true, unfiltered selves with the world!

    • Sharon

      January 16, 2017 at 8:55 am

      Thanks Gae! Do you know how terrified I was to post this? I’ve been up all night thinking about it and worrying and being scared and wondering so thanks for the positive feedback!

  • gillianmh

    January 16, 2017 at 10:02 am

    Love this! You are still gorgeous unfiltered so don’t be shy or embarrassed to post that every now and again. Well done and thank you for posting something so nerve wracking and personal.

  • JulieB

    January 16, 2017 at 10:17 am

    I know this post came from somewhere deeper but I did chuckle remembering posting my new specs pic a couple of weeks ago (IG)- I couldn’t get my face NOT to look like a wierd pale mask, although my neck looked like it’s wrnkled/sun-spotted self! — Some ‘beauty’ setting on my camera which didn’t seem to turn off. Made me uber self-conscious as I’d just started to put on a full face of make-up for the first time in years (no exaggeration). Today is the first day of 2017 that I’m bare faced as this morning was just not happening so …. hope I don’t give my boss or the patients a scare.

  • belindamountain

    January 16, 2017 at 7:22 pm

    Fabulous! I hope non-bloggers realise how many terrible pictures we take of ourselves that we never share – and that only the odd decent one gets put out there! I need to do something similar…just to remind everyone.


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