Review: Korbell Nappy Disposal System – Because it promised odour-free!

I was sent a press release a few week’s ago about the launch of the Korbell Nappy Disposal System locally with the offer of receiving a bin in exchange for an honest review, but that’s not what peaked my interest, the claim that the bin was “odour-free” is what got me. I’m two babies in and have yet to find a nappy bin that lives up to that promise, despite them all making this claim and believe me when I say, we’ve tried them all but that lingering stale, nappy/poo smell that makes the saliva pool in my mouth and my gag reflex go into overdrive,  still lingers in my baby’s rooms despite the claims of them being odour-free and how wide open I leave the windows! So I figured what the hell, I’ll give it a try!



My bin arrived a couple of week’s ago and we’ve been using it exclusively for the past few week’s. I should also mention that Hannah is a very healthy eater and um… she poops like clockwork but the bin has lived up to it’s claim, it really is odour-free, except of course when you open it and the smell just about jumps up and bites you in the face, but unlike other nappy disposal systems I’ve tried, this one is odour-free, there is no lingering odour in the bedroom hours after a poo nappy change.

I also love the fact that it’s operated with a food pedal so while you’re performing the fine art of cleaning a particularly sloppy nappy, you don’t have to still be sticking your hands into the lining of a smelly bin. You just hold your breath, pop the foot pedal, shove the nappy in, release the foot pedal and inhale through your mouth, while blinking rapidly as the lid flips closed.

Some of the other benefits include:




I was out buying nappies at lunch time today and did a quick price comparison between the standard Korbell, which is the one I’m using and others available at Baby City and the Korbell was slightly more expensive by about R20 but a bulk pack of 3 bin liners was cheaper by R10 than the others on the market, with the added bonus of not having those bulky plastic rings that wind up clogging up your recycling bins.

Some other features include:



If you’re in the market for an odour-free nappy disposal system, I’d recommend the Korbell, you can read more about them here:

Or you can like them on Facebook here – Korbell South Africa

You can get your Korbell Nappy Disposal System at the following retailers:




    • Sharon

      March 3, 2015 at 10:09 am

      This has been my experience too! All the other brands promise odor free but one poo nappy in them and even with their clever twisty bags, they still make the whole room smell like an old poo nappy!


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