Yesterday we finally got to the bottom of what has been making my poor baby so very very sick! Roseola! She has been very sick since Wednesday night with fever spikes, delirium and terrifying hallucinations of being attacked by dogs! She complained of a sore neck (which totally freaked me out) saw paw (don’t even ask) and a sore leg. She stopped eating and drinking and by Saturday I could see the not eating taking it’s toll on her as her little bum all but disappeared and her legs started looking like sticks.

We did a trip to the Dr on Friday and she was diagnosed with a throat infection and sinus, but somehow this diagnosis just didn’t seem to fit with how very sick she was. Of course, it all became very clear when she woke up on Sunday morning with a fine heat like rash covering her chest and stomach!

She has been exceptionally lethargic all weekend and it’s been heartbreaking to watch. We’ve tried to keep her quiet and spent a lot of time building puzzles, reading books and watching TV this weekend.

On a funny note, yesterday morning, I noticed that she’d been leaning against the couch watching TV and very still for an extended period, when I went to check on her I had to stop myself from laughing as this is what I found:

My poor angel has been really very sick!