I saw this post on FB earlier this week and it reminded me of a conversation we’d had with Ava this past weekend.


Over the weekend, Walter had taken Ava to his sisters house for her cousin, Tyrone’s 10th birthday party. Their cat has recently had kittens and Ava was in awe of the cute little bundles of fluff and had begged and pleaded to keep one of the kittens. On Sunday, she was STILL talking about the cute little kittens and so Walter asked her if Spike (our neutered male cat) could have kittens…. Her response: Don’t be silly Daddy! Spike can’t have kittens because he doesn’t have a FRIEND!

We had such a giggle at the cute innocence of her response….but I guess this is her early understanding of how babies are made… you need to have a “friend” in order to make a baby.

Well thanks to modern medicine and science, you either need a friend or a really good doctor, but I see some interesting conversations in the future.