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Sabrage Party Tricks, Beaches, Bra’s, Broeks & So Many Other Memories!

Our holiday is well and truly over but what will stay with me is what a truly happy and memorable holiday it was.

My girls ADORE their granny and grandpa and loved spending time with my parents, although, I’m pretty sure they exhausted my parents but there were many tears and cries for granny and grampy when we left on Friday!


I won’t lie, I’m still on a bit of a high after Two Oceans and was super stoked to find these two gems from the official OMTOM photo’s:





We also finally got to hang out with our best friends from Jozi, in Cape Town, which was a total treat and something we’ve chatted about doing for YEARS!



I got to spend time with my girl husband and as promised, in celebration of Travers’s life and in honour of Chopper’s grief, we drank ( a lot) we danced, in our underwear, we talked, we cried, we hugged and Travers made his presence known by playing HIS song for Lisa, right during a quiet moment when we were talking about him, The Proclaimers, I would walk, which resulted in more snot, more trane and lots of hugging! But it was so good to spend time with my special friend and to see rare moments of laughter from her!




She also taught me how to do a Sabrage, which I perfected on my first attempt, in my bra and broeks, watch out friends, this is my new favorite party trick!


Walter and I also got to hang out with Ava’s birth mom for a few hours over a lazy lunch and it was fantastic to catch up with her again and of course to share all the details of how AMAZING Ava is! And we spent a lot of time at the beach with the girls, which they loved, because the weather was just so fantastic while we were there!





I kind of have a holiday hang over, I have a little bit of the sads and want to go back, I want to turn back the clock and have those 10 days all over again and again and again, like our very own Ground Hog Day holiday!

Roll on December so we can do it all again!



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