When to start schooling one’s toddler is a hotly debated issue amongst Mom’s. Everyone has an opinion or some statistic that some professional has given them on the optimal age for a child to start school. I have surprised myself with this whole motherhood thing. I’m not hung up on statistics or what books say and have totally let Ava guide me in what it is she needs and when. I don’t read parenting books (I can actually hear some of you gasp) and I don’t panic when Ava does or doesn’t do what a book or professional says she should be doing at any given time.

So far my instincts have been spot on and she has proven to be a bright little girl and so I’m pleased that 4 months in, my instincts on when to start her with school have so far been spot on. She’s also really landed up at the perfect play school for her and I’m astounded by the things that she has learned and knows just from going to school. The school has been really fantastic in organizing lots of additional activities so there’s always something excited for the children to look forward to.

This week Clamber Club came to the school for their fun day on Wednesday and I can clearly see from the pictures that my child was in her absolute element!