Ava has now been at school for one week, a whole week! And she’s loving it.

Today we got our monthly newsletter from the school including the term planner and when I opened it and starting reading it, I started to cry. It’s STILL (I know, how boring of me) so completley surreal that I have a child, a beautiful girl child, that I am a mother, that I am finally having the privilege of raising this special child and getting to participate in seemingly ordinary things, things that some parents probably find boring or even slightly irritating!

I cried when I read on the planner that next week’s theme is Reptile week. That they will be having a puppet show at school next week called Dinosaur Rock on Wednesday. And that on Tuesday she’ll be participating in her first ever Show & Tell. And this is what the principal said about it when I inquired:

Show and Tell for the little ones is similar, send along an item, toy, picture, book etc linked to the theme and Crystal will let the little one’s stand up and show it to their friends and she will chat about it. It’s such a good exercise for building confidence and encouraging independence for the little ones! They are always so proud to show off their “item”.

The third week of school we will be attending our first Parents “show” where they will demonstrate their singing & music with Be Sharp Beetles , they have weekly Be Sharp Beetle classes every Wednesday and yesterday Ava had her first one and she came home proudly displaying her Be Sharp Beetle Stamp on her hand!

On the 1st September they’re having a spring hat parade, how totally adorable and cute and they will be doing flower planting as the theme that week is Spring.

For now, I need to come up with items for Show & Tell that match with the following themes:



Wild Animals



Under The Sea

Every Thursday is also “Bakers Day” and each class get’s to participate in a baking activity. Here is Ava’s creation:

In case you're wondering... it's a soccer ball!

When I first saw it, I burst out laughing and then started crying. So so precious!

Ava’s principal tells me that Ava is also a very affectionate child and happily dishes out hugs to all the children and any of the teachers available for hugs.

Playing in the classroom.
Playing in the Doll House