On Monday Ava started school. I was very excited for her, right up until Sunday night when the reality of it all hit me. I spent the entire night tossing & turning and worrying about all the “what if’s”!

What if she gets hurt?

What if they are mean to her?

What if the other children are mean to her?

What if…..

I was most worried about how I was going to leave her there. I envisioned trying to walk out, with her screaming and crying, while clinging to me, being ripped off me by her teacher.

I needn’t have worried. The first day I dropped her off, as soon as I put her down, she wandered off to check out the toys, one of the other little girls, of the same age, came over, stretched out her hand to Ava and in a second they were hugging. I left. Without a single incident. Got in my car and cried all the way home.

The second day, she went off happily with teacher Crystal, not a single tear shed. The third day she ran ahead of me, into her classroom and promptly climbed up onto teacher Crystal’s lap.

This morning, in the car on the way there, we had the following exchange:

Me: Do you like teacher Crysal?

Ava: Yas!

Me: Do you like teacher Candice?

Ava: Yas!

Me: Do you like school?

Ava: Yas!

So I guess my fears were for nothing. Of course, she is going to get hurt by friends, she was pushed to the ground by a little boy on her first day and shed a few tears, so I’m told. She will learn that not everyone is kind all of the time, that sometimes your friends can be mean, very very mean, especially at that age. But didn’t we all learn that? And we were all fine growing up. It’s part of growing up, these experiences.

Teacher Candice, who is also the owner of the school and an acquaintance, takes Ava home at 12h30 every day and after dropping Ava off with Loveness, will sms me to tell me she’s home safe. Yesterday she let me know that Ava actually cried when they LEFT school!

The feedback I’ve had from the teaching staff is that she’s a very happy, confident and sociable child.

I’m more confident than ever in our decision to put her in school now and not wait till she was 2. It was the right thing for her, it was, as I suspected the right time. I feel so less guilty toffing up in my make up and work clothes and heading off to the office for a “non-mommy” day now that I know she is having fun and getting the stimulation she needs, not just from her interaction with the teachers but from her friends as well.