I’ve always been fascinated by alternative therapies, and while I accept that they’re not for everyone, I do believe that in certain cases they can be especially effective. My last pregnancy was achieved with the assistance of a homeopath using Chinese herbs and acupuncture. So, as you can imagine, I’m quite open to trying new therapies. A couple of weeks ago, a friend of mine, who’s Dad is involved in the medical field, told me aboutSCIO and the success they were seeing with it. When I heard her Dad was off to a a seminar in Budapest on SCIO and that a couple of days of the seminar was going to be focused just on fertility, I figured I’d have to give it a try.

So off I went for my first session and let me tell you, I was completely blown away!!! Here are some of the things that it picked up:

My Thyroid function is a bit sluggish

I have fatigue issues

Hormonal Imbalances brought on my emotion

It picked up the toxins stores in my Pancreas from the years of smoking

My Omega-3 levels are low

I have excessive bacteria in the small intestines from poor diet which is also playing a part in my fatigue

I showed sensitivity to Asprin and products containing Perthane and Petroleum Jelly

That I have issues with conflict and always needing to have the last say ( 🙂 )

I have a back injury

I have a problem tooth on the left hand side of my face

I need to sleep with only 1 pillow to try and relive some of the stress on my back and also stretch

That I show trauma from an injury caused by severe sunburn (I once got second degree burn on my legs from the sun)

That I don’t breathe properly especially when stressed

That I have anxiety issues surrounding fear factors

That my “life force” or energy is low and I feel I’ve been battling something for a long time

That I have inner turmoil over a conflict that I need to try and let go of

That I have suffering and trauma over an issue in my life I desperately want to change (my infertility)

And a bunch of other things that are far too personal to go into on a public blog. We haven’t started with the actual fertility side of it just yet, he says he wanted to first check that everything else was fairly balanced and that there was not some other underlying problem causing my infertility.

So for now I have to increase my Omega-3 and I have to stretch more and exercise ( 🙁 ), I also have to try and avoid wheat products and reduce my sugar and caffeine intake.

I’m going back next week and we’ll be starting with the fertility treatment then.

But let me tell you it was totally fascinating, all in all we were busy for 2 and a half hours and EVERY single one of the findings were spot on! I shudder to think about the things the machine picked up that he didn’t tell me about! :-0