Its amazing how having shared experiences with someone, even if they’re a world apart from you, can bring you, somehow, closer together.

I had an interesting experience yesterday. I’m an account manager for a large importer and distributor here in SA. My portfolio includes a number of very large multi-million rand accounts and its been my experience that the larger the account, at times, the more difficult they can be to deal with. On one of these accounts, there has been a fairly large staff turn over in the past year, well I think having to deal with 3 different planners in the past 12 months as quite a lot. Each time a new planner starts, we have to amend the way we plan and execute our business with them as each one of them has an idea how they want the business run. It can, at times, be very frustrating.  So the third planner started about a month ago and we have really battled. We’ve been at logger heads with each other from the word go. Both of us with very clear idea’s of how we want our business models executed.

So yesterday it finally came to a head and I landed up driving through to the customer to discuss a way forward. It was a fairly tense meeting, until the planner spotted my tattoo, which he totally freaked over, and so I told him about how my daughter is adopted and this was to commemorate and remember a very long journey to motherhood.

He immediately asked if he could take a photo of it as he wanted to show his partner as they’re talking about getting matching tattoo’s to symbolize the adoption of their baby girl. A very interesting conversation followed, one about how he and his partner had used Tertia’s agency, Nurture, to find a suitable egg donor and a subsequent surrogate. How they’d been at the same clinic as the first clinic I had attended, how similar and miserable we all were at that clinic and how they’d moved on to a new clinic and had subsequently been blessed with their baby girl, who’s 8 months old. Of course, that got us chatting about babies and our babies specifically. They are also doing something very brave, they selected a new surrogate and had a FET done today with their remaining embryo’s. So we could talk about how horrible and scary and anxious and stressful the whole procedure was.

The amazing thing, that shared journey has brought us closer together. It has set aside the unpleasantness of the past month and helped develop a stronger business relationship.

The irony for me, was that despite us living under completley different circumstances, we had shared a similar experience and it was one that could bring people from seemingly different worlds closer together.


Oh and just cos I can’t resist, my little Sausage LOVES biltong and its done wonders for easing her discomfort during the cutting of teeth!

Yummy Mom!
Nom nom nom