There are times in life where the people you meet along the way make the journey so worthwhile. My infertility journey is exactly that. I have made friends along the way who have not only lightened my fertility load but have made the journey far more bearable. People come into our lives for a reason, a season and a lifetime. My hope is that these women will be more than just a reason or a season, only time will tell. But for the here and now, we are united by our single goal of beating infertility and making it to the other side. We’re each others cheerleaders and comforters and I think I speak for all of us when I say that the love and support we offer each other helps get us through some of the darkest days.

Last night we had one of our regular get togethers, a dinner at a local restaurant, all of us in varying stages of planning and prepping for a year of treatment or with big decisions to make about where to from here. The evening started off tamely enough but I can honestly say I was fairly sozzled by the time it ended 8 bottles of wine and I dunno how many Mojito’s later. So much for my healthy eating plan, it all flew out of the window after only one glass of wine last night.

Here’s the whole Get-Along-Gang


The Evil Twins – not only do Sam and I share a birthday, we also share the same thoughts and feelings on almost everything and have an uncanny way of knowing what the other is thinking before anything has been said.


My Soul Sister Elize – who’s friendship and support helped me through a very dark period when I thought I had no one in my corner.


I had a blast last night, thanks Sam, Tam, Maritza, Chantal, Elize, Adelé & Sian

See you all at our next date on the 7th!