My cousin wanted to throw me a baby shower when we arrived in Cape Town for Hannah’s placement but after she saw the photo’s of my Jo’burg shower, she seemed a little freaked out and kept saying she wasn’t crafty and couldn’t throw me a shower like that, but she was determined to not be outdone by my Jozi friends and in true Capetonian style, she informed me that they had the beach and the mountain and she’d make sure my Cape Town shower had wow factor.

She did not disappoint, the venue for my Cape Town shower was …. WOW! Shimmy Beach Club – if you don’t live in Cape Town or you haven’t been there, you really do want to check their page out, OMG, it was like being in another world.
















I did get a little nervous when my cousin insisted that I bring a swimming costume, but thankfully she was kind enough to add that they wouldn’t make me do anything I didn’t want to do and so I was not required to humiliate myself in a swimming costume!

The food at Shimmy is amazing and if you haven’t been there already, I’d highly recommend that you pay them a visit!