I’m not a crafty kind of mom. I’m just not. In fact I HATE anything and everything crafty related. I don’t have the patience or the artistic vision to do crafty things. They bore me. The word crafty will never be used in the same sentence with me. Never. Invite me out and use the word crafty/craft for an activity, unless it involves drinking craft wine (is there even such a thing) and I will not so politely decline! I’ve blogged about my lack of crafty ability or desire to be crafty before. I suck at it. I don’t like it.

But when you have a child of school going going age, you kind of just have to suck it up and get your crafty on! *vom*

Last week I got a note in Ava’s comm’s book informing me that she was the selected bakerman on  Friday and that I was to please bake something, that would involve her, to send to school on Friday and that is had to be nut free as the school is a nut free zone. Seriously? Why? Why couldn’t I just pop in at my local Woolies and buy 24 cupcakes? Sigh. Ava decided she wanted to make cupcakes. Double sigh. I’m a working mother of two children with an unhealthy obsession with my Kindle. These kinds of activities take time away from my limited home-making skills and away from my precious evening time with my Kindle, but I sucked it up and got on with it. I baked (boxed) chocolate cupcakes and Ava decorated them. It was tedious and messy and left me feeling completely inadequate and worried about letting my child down!

Bakerman Cupcakes


I thought I was home free with getting my crafty on for a while, then on Monday, when we got home, I checked Ava’s comm’s book and there was a new note – please sent your child to school with a self crafted Easter hat on Thursday. ARE YOU FREAKING KIDDING ME??? This sent me into a blind rage that involved going into our room and throwing & kicking some pillows around!

Firstly, I, like most mom’s, work! Could they not have sent the notice out last week so I had the time to organize this over the weekend and not four days before the event? And secondly, no man, more crafty stuff to do.

So yesterday, after buying every mini pink fluffy chic I could find, armed with some glue and a hat, Ava and I set about creating her Easter hat! An hour later, covered in glue and on the verge of losing my mind, we were finished. I think it came out better than last years hat and Ava loves it, I guess that’s all that matters!



I’ve now created a new board on Pinterest – Shit The School Makes Me Do, you’re welcome to follow my crafty escapades there!

I forgot to check Ava’s comm’s book yesterday, so quickly scanned through it this morning and nearly had a stroke when I saw the latest comm’s…… For International Book Week next week…. Ava has to dress up as her favourite book character! Seriously? Seriously! Who thinks up these idea’s????

And guess what she’s chosen………. The freaking cat in the hat! Help, somebody please HELP ME???????????????? Where oh where do I find a “cat in the hat” outfit???