Unless you have a toddler!

So on Sunday morning, Walter was out, I was enjoying a cup of coffee, when I noticed it was very very quiet. With a 3 year old in the house, this can only mean trouble! I called and called and called Ava… and was greeted with silence. And I knew… I just knew she was up to something.

I found her… In Hannah’s room, looking VERY guilty, with my camera hanging around her neck, the screen flipped open, lens cap removed and the lens zoomed all the way out. When I asked her what she was going, she told me she was taking photo’s of Hannah’s room to send to her!

I didn’t think much of it, she’s never touched a camera before so really what’s the worst that could have happened, but on Sunday night, I came across these pictures on my camera…. the pictures she took for Hannah!







Sweet child, she is SO excited for Hannah’s arrival!