The last three days my little darling has been sleeping….. alot! I’m starting to wonder if I should be worried?

Today’s example –

Wake at 7am, changed diaper, bottle, back to sleep at 07h45.

Slept till 9am, top and tailed her, dressed for the day.

Back to sleep at 09h15 – slept till 11am when I had to wake her for her bottle.

She fell asleep on the bottle and I put her back in her cot at 11h30.

At 13h00 she cried a couple of times, but each time when going into her room I’d find her eyes closed, popped the dummy back in & she’d go straight back to sleep.

Eventually I woke her at 15h00 for a bottle. She fell asleep again on the bottle and has been dozing on and off ever since.

Saturday and Sunday were also like this. With the usual grumpiness setting in at around 16h30 in preparation for bath time and bed time.

She’s just past 10 weeks old and I’m wondering if all this sleeping is due to the growth spurt that usually happens just before or around 3 months?

Going to keep and eye on her and see how things go……….