Ava’s sleeping patterns have started to change and I strongly suspect that she’s in the transition phase from two naps a day to down to one. She’s almost 14 months old, so I reckon it was going to happen around now.

I’ve noticed in the last 3 weeks that her night time sleep has extended and she’s now sleeping a full 12 hours at night, sometimes longer. She goes down at around 18h45 and is sleeping till anywhere from 06h45 to 07h30. It is HEAVEN!

It’s funny how our levels of tolerance and appreciation change. In the early days, I thought I was in heaven when at around a month old, Ava dropped her 22h00 feed and I could get in a good few hours of good sleep between 21h00 and 02h00. Then just after the 6 week mark, she started dropping her 02h00 feed as well and at 12 weeks she started sleeping through consistently every night from around 19h00 till around 05h30, I thought I was in HEAVEN and of course couldn’t believe how lucky we were to have a baby that had such great sleeping patterns.

And once again I find myself counting my lucky stars that, especially on weekends, I can get a looong nights sleep and then I get to “lie in” sometimes as late at 07h30. For the Non-Mom’s out there, this probably seems like nothing but trust me, it is SUCH a treat.

Ava’s day time sleeps have also changed in the past 3 weeks, her morning naps have gotten very long, anything from 2 – 3 hours but she flat-out refuses her afternoon nap. We still put her down every afternoon but she lands up playing and talking to herself in her cot and after 40 minutes we land up picking her up. The problem of course, taking yesterday as an example, by 16h00, Little Missy is SO exhausted that she becomes completely impossible. She spent the bulk of her Aquatots lesson yesterday, doubled over backwards, gums bared, screaming bloody murder and trying to throw herself out of my arms! Can you say EMBARRASSING!!!!! When I told the other mom’s in the class that she was transitioning to one nap, they all nodded sympathetically and told me it had been a hell time for them to!

So from this week we have started with the slow process of moving her morning naps later and later. She’s now going down at 10h00 for her morning sleep, she’s too exhausted to go longer but we’ll slowly keep moving it till she’s eventually taking one nap a day over the middle part of the day and we don’t have to deal with a tired little monster by 4pm.

And we’ll continue to enjoy those Saturday morning “lie in’s”!