So I Cried…

Ava started Grade PR1 today. Her last year at pre-primary and her first year at her new school, which, if all goes according to plan will be her school for the remainder of her school career, right up to matric. The pre-primary, primary and high school, while separated, are all on the same campus and so today, my baby was a very small fish in a very large pond.

Curro 1st Day

She was very excited to start school again and we are very excited for all the great activities that this school will expose her to over the coming years. But I will not lie, I was very emotional as we walked through campus, past the matric prefects standing at the gates, greeting parents as they arrived. My baby, my incredible little miracle, is growing up way too fast.

We  have to drive past her play school on the way to her new school and I did get a massive lump in my throat knowing that she would never return there, to the lovely, small school that she has loved so much and been so happy at. The small school where she was popular and fitted in so well. I really hope her transition into “big” school will be as smooth as it was with her play school.

Drop off went fine, she was a bit shy around her teacher and got a little unsure when we said goodbye, but she went with her teacher and we were able to leave without the dreaded melt down that so many parents face.

Tomorrow and the day after and the week after that, will be the true test of how well she settles. So only time will tell. But this morning was hard. It’s STILL so surreal that I’m a mom, that I have children, that after all the years of grief and suffering throughout our infertility, I am getting to experience things that, for the longest time I stopped believing would ever be my reality.



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