A couple of weeks ago, I blogged about people with tattoo’s and tattooed people, well yesterday, I went from being a person with a tattoo to being a person with tattoos.

My friend, Bronwyn, who is a tattooed person, recommended that I see her friend Paul, who had done the bulk of her tattoo’s. He of Handstyle Custom Tattoo’s.  So after meeting with him last week to discuss exactly what I wanted and the elements of my tattoo, I had my appointment yesterday.

Paul totally got what I was wanting, he did a gorgeous feminine and childlike design, which is what I wanted given that this tattoo is for my children. Here is the initial drawing:


The butterfly is for Ava, because she is my little butterfly, she is my symbol of hope & faith & rebirth. Her placement changed the course of my life, she is my rebirth. The little bird clutching an “H” is for Hannah and I love the twirlies between Ava & Hannah, which for me symbolizes their special connection. The flower is a Cinquefoil, which traditionally symbolizes either hope or beloved children.

 Then it was time to get down to business. I must admit, I was quite nervous as my first tattoo was very sore but now I see and can appreciate the difference between a newish tattooist and an experienced artist. Paul did not hurt me at all. Aside from a couple of places close to bone, where it was so sore, I got goose bumps & my hands started sweating, my tattoo experience yesterday was pretty much painless and I found myself yawning and wanting to put my head down and take a nap.


I was all done in under an hour and a half and it was a really pleasant experience, so much so that I may be tempted have some more work done by Paul. I already have an idea of something I’d like done on my foot but we’ll see.

Obviously not the best images, as you can see I’m very red and swollen but you get the general idea of just how gorgeous this will be once it’s all healed up.