And I really have nothing to do.

Yesterday I completed all the hand overs of my clients, sent final notifications to all my clients and had a combined office baby shower, along with one of my colleges who just became a dad for the first time.

I’ve backed up all my personal files onto my external hard drive, deleted emails and prepared my out of office assistant, cleaned out my desk drawers and tidied up my work area.

Today I’m sitting here with ants in my pants, overwhelmed by excitement and taking random photo’s of my Essie nails because, well, because I don’t have much else to do!



I really just want to get this show on the road now! Tomorrow morning we need to take our pets to the kennels and drop the fish off at a friend. Then the packing needs to start, which I’m already working through mentally in my head, packing and repacking our suitcases because the weather is SO unpredictable at the moment.  This is not a small task, considering that we will be flying to Cape Town as a family of 3 and flying back as a family of 4, this fact really confused the hell our of our airline when we tried booking our tickets! I still need to pack a nappy bag for Hannah, not even sure I remember what all goes in one of those any more, make sure the camera is fully charged and my Kindle (I know, wishful thinking right?)!

This week has been filled with all kinds of niggly admin irritations. Discovery Health have made us jump through hoops to add Hannah to our medical aid.. signed affidavits from us, from our social workers, certified copies of ID’s, backwards and forwards to the police station, long explanations over the phone of how I am NOT giving birth but that we are adopting, all of which seems to confuse and confound the call centre operator on the other side.

It has been a supremely frustrating week and time feels it has slowed down to a snails pace! I just want it to be next week Wednesday already!

We are on the sparrows-are-a-farting flight out on Sunday morning and please Lord let our flight not be delayed because as soon as we land, I’m being whisked off to my Cape Town baby shower, which I might ad, is being treated as top secret, I have no idea of the venue all I have been told is that it will be fun and to bring my swimming costume! Ermahgerd!

We have social engagements every minute of every day for the first two days and then of course the big one, our court date on Wednesday morning!

I am so excited I’m not sure whether to vomit, wet my pants or pass out!

We’re almost there Little Bird! xxx