Mile&DextieRemember these two? A few people have asked how they’re doing, how they’ve adjusted to having Ava around. Dexter has coped really well, he absolutley adores Ava. He loves sitting next to me when I feed her and sniffing her feet. A couple of times when I’ve been burping her, the sneaky little bugger has even stolen a kiss on her face, so we have to keep an eye on him for that, but otherwise he’s completely smitten! He’s going to be Ava’s best buddy when she grows up. I can see it already, him dressed in her dollies clothes, being pushed around in a dollies pram.

Miley, on the other hand, is a different kettle of fish altogether. She’s far more high strung than Dextie is and has not made the transition as smoothly from queen of the childless home, to cute, much loved doggie in a child friendly home. The first few weeks, every time Ava cried or made any noises, her eyes would get really wide and wild and she’d run out the room. Then she figured out that Ava was taking attention away from her, which naturally would upset any little queen, so she promptly started sneaking into Ava’s room to wee or poop on the carpet. Thankfully that phased has now past.

Of course, the two little buggers thing that EVERYTHING in this house belongs to them, so their favorite thing is to sneak a nap in her dounut cushion or pull the toys off her baby gym and play with them in the garden.

I suppose its tough when you’ve been top dog, so to speak, and some tiny, pink, squalling thing comes along and bumps you off the top perch. Don’t get me wrong, W and I have not become one of those couples, you know the ones whispered about in utter disgust by infertile couples, the ones who do eventually get a kid and there dog becomes nothing, chucked outside, relegated to the yard, a cursory pat on the head in passing? I recall the days before we had Ava, our dogs where our everything, they were our children, but that DOES change when you eventually have a child. An IF sister commented to me a few weeks ago about how the dogs were adjusting and reminding me that they were here first which is exactly the kind of thing I would have said in my pre-Ava days. But the reality is, your child does take priority over your dogs, regardless of who’s been around longer. As an childless women I didn’t understand that before. I do now. Our doggies still sleep in our bedroom and have free range of our house, but they are not first priority any longer. How could they possibly be? Our first priority is our little sausage.

So, ja, they have been bumped a rung down the ladder but are still very much loved and part of the family.