Well trying to look on the bright side anyway. To soak up some sun so to speak.  I’ve been feeling really down in the dumps over the past few days and then on the way to work this morning I heard this song on the radio:

The words: “Its not having what you want Its wanting what you’ve got” really struck a chord with me. They reminded me of a lesson I learned along time ago. That feeling down in the dumps and being dissatisfied had more to do with my attitude than with my circumstances and that despite what fate (hope you little bitch) may throw at me, I could cope and be happy in spite of all of it. And that’s ultimately what I choose.

I choose to live a happy life in spite of my infertility so although I’m still feeling very sensitive today and honestly quite terrified for my upcoming IVF I’m doing much better and trying to focus on the positive.

The positive is that I stood on the scale yesterday and in spite of a weekend consisting mostly of comfort food, I managed to loose 1.4kg’s in the past week. The positive is that, although it means diddly squat, we got fertilization which does mean that, unlike a large number of my IF friends, W and I can still continue to try naturally and with a hope of success in between IVF’s so all is not lost.

But please don’t rah rah me, I’m still very sensitive and need loads of TLC and to be handled with kid gloves at the moment.

Thanks to everyone for your support over the last few days!