My folks were here for the weekend and it was awesome. My Dad hasn’t seen Ava in almost 5 months, so it was a big surprise for him and to a lesser degree my Mom to see how much Ava has grown and developed. My Mom saw Ava a month ago but even in that short time she has changed… ALOT!

We’re still going through a really difficult phase with her. I probably shouldn’t complain, she’s still a relatively easy baby and I know a lot of parents out there have it far harder than we do. But it’s not easy when one has had an easy baby to suddenly be faced with an unhappy little sausage. Her day time sleep routine has gone for a ball of shit! Mostly, I think due to the fact that her gums are so sore she won’t take a dummy, so she can’t self soothe and is battling to sleep during the day. Getting her down in the evenings is also proving difficult, I’m just really glad to that she’s still at least, sleeping through. Her nose is still a bit snotty and I’m so grateful for a fellow Mom’s recommendation of the Baby-Vac, that has got to be by far the greatest baby gadget ever invented and gives Ava a full day of relief. Her gums are extremely swollen but still no blasted teeth, I wish they would just come now, so I could have my easy-going, easy to please baby back.

Yesterday was a tough one, not only was she difficult, but she also started with a somewhat runny tummy. Most odd for a child that usually battles constipation! Because my folks were here we decided to spoil them to a nice lunch at Casalinga. About an hour before leaving for lunch, she has such a massive poop that we had to change her clothes before leaving for lunch. Just as we arrived at Casalinga, again, another massive accident. The thing that really pisses me off is how unbaby friendly these places are. They have a trampoline, jungle gym and jumping castle out in the huge gardens but NO baby changing facilities. So I had to change Ava’s nappy on the fancy couch in the ladies rest room, to the utter disgust of other patrons using the bathroom. Of course, she was lying on a changing mat but still, she had poop all up her back and down her legs, we literally had to strip her naked.. and then sod’s law… I didn’t have any wet wipes with me! Thankfully I did have Pigeon Hang and Face wipes, so landed up washing her entire body down with a pack of those. All the while she’s screaming bloody murder. So there we are in what is voted SA’s best Italian restaurant, surrounded by the sumptuous surroundings, while my baby stands on their couch in the lady’s room and screams her lungs out and the smell of poop permeates the bathroom.Β  And sod’s law again…. the only change of clothes I had with me was one summer vest and one winter onsie, let me just add at this point, Jo’burg went straight into summer time temps yesterday with the temp peaking at 30 degrees so it was bloody hot! What to do? Nothing too it really, except sit in your vest with your pretty socks and shoes in a 5 star Italian restaurant!

Nice - Sitting @ The Lunch Table In Underwear!I reckon they were pretty happy to see the back of us… given that when Ava did fall asleep a breeze had come up and she was sleeping only in her vest and me, bad mommy, had forgotten to bring a blanket with so we landed up using their linen napkins as a blankie!

Oh how the times have changed!