Somebody Special Is Turning 2!

From 6 Weeks To 2 Years

Where has the time gone?

I remember in the first few weeks of Ava’s life, when she was really struggling with colic and screaming bloody murder from 11pm to 3am every night and Walter and I were arguing constantly and biting at each other and exhausted, barely functioning zombie’s, somebody telling me to try not to stress too much, that motherhood would get easier. I remember wondering how I was going to survive into the next week, feeling really depressed and wondering what I’d done to us with my obsession to be a mother.

That person was right, the difficult time did pass. Of course, with every stage there are different challenges but I did eventually find my groove and by the end of the 1st year of Ava’s life, we were fully into the swing of things. The first year, I suppose like the first year of anything new, past quite slowly, or at least it seemed to be creeping by.

But I cannot say the same for the second year, this year with Ava has past by in the blink of an eye. It’s also been a much easier year for me, emotionally. All the legalities of her adoption came together and were finalized in at the end of the first year and this year we were free just to be a family of 3 with none of the worries that had my wringing my hands in angst in the first year.

I can’t believe that in one month we will be celebrating my little princesses life! The second year of motherhood has been amazing, I have so enjoyed mothering a toddler, with all the challenges that having a toddler brings. I have loved being able to properly communicate with Ava this year, to watch her speech develop and for her to be able to tell me what is annoying, upsetting or frustrating her. Of course, with the development of her speech has also come the development of her sense of humour and Walter and I find ourselves in fits of laughter over whatever funny little thing she’s come up with. This has been by far my most favorite stage of her development and she has never been cuter than what she is now as an almost 2 year old.

So to celebrate her special day, we’ll be using her most favorite “person” to help make her day extra special:

Upsy Daisy Here I Come, I'm The Only Upsy One!

I’m up to my ears in party arrangements even though this party will be much more low key than the first one. What can I say, we live and we learn right?


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