And replaced her with the most irritable, grumpy, tantrum throwing, screaming baby imaginable! I-AM-GOING-OFF-MY-HEAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I can only assume, as one does, that this is somehow related to teething, her gums do look red and swollen and I cannot imagine what else could turn my sweet-natured little girl into the screeching monster. It all started last Saturday night, when she woke up at 22h00 crying. I guess that’s normal for some babies, but it’s not for Ava. She goes down at 19h00 every night, with no fuss and sleeps peacefully and soundly until between 06h00 – 07h00. She’s been doing that since she was 12 weeks old, in other words for the greater part of her life. Her nose seemed runny but other than that nothing else seemed wrong.

She was ok on Sunday, a little difficult but I put that down to us being out and about and messing with her sleep times. Monday again, a little grumpy and then Tuesday night the fun really started. It took 3.5 hours to get her to go sleep, she screamed and writhed for the full 3.5 hours! It was hideous and I started to get quite desperate, feeling completely out of my depth and not really sure what to do to calm her down.

We followed the same routine of screaming and writhing on Wednesday, Thursday and on Friday, she added some day time screaming and writhing into the mix and has been doing that ever since! I have had to work from home today because she doesn’t want anyone else touching her, she only wants Mama. This morning, I stood for almost 2 hours holding her 9kg body in my arms and bouncing her and singing to her and rocking her before she finally calmed down.

Add to that, our nanny is sick, I am sick and Walter is sick and studying for a huge exam for his Masters Degree to be written on Wednesday and you get one very unhappy, frazzled and exhausted household.

She does not have fever and aside from a runny, blocked nose all seems fine. She’s not eating well but I put that down to the fact that her nose is blocked making it difficult for her to breathe. I also think the blocked nose is related to her not sleeping well because she can’t suck her dummy so she can’t self soothe. We were using Iilliadin but have switched to Chamiflor (sp?) as its just salt water and safer to use over extended periods. She’s also on Tibb Cold & Flu Relief which is a herbal medicine recommended by the pharmacist to settle her snotty nose. We’ve been using Pansoral and Vidol powders with a little bit of Pando Syrup thrown in for good measure from time to time as well.

Ava has been such an easy baby that I (stupidly) assumed that she’d take to teething like she has everything else in her life so far – like a duck to water – not so I’m afraid, it looks like we have some rough times ahead of us! Of course, this also all feeds into my feelings of inadquacy and guilt because its hard to remain patient and calm when you’ve been holding a writhing, screaming 9kg dead weight in your arms for hours on end all the while having your face clawed and pinched.

Maybe tomorrow will be a better day?