And today Walter and I realized that we almost made a big one!

One of the things that I love about Ava’s school is the wide variety of extra mural activities they offer. Currently Ava participates in Be Sharp Beetles, Swimming and Super Kids. She loves them all and each one of them teaches her something different. Be Sharp Beetles teaches music and movement class, this is how they describe it:

Music is our universal language, the language of our imaginations. Movement is the rhythmic language of the 5-year-old using her body to re-create the graceful movements of a swimming dolphin. Music is the lullaby of a father singing to his infant while communicating tenderness and love. The language of movement is revealed through the dancers who choose not to be restrained by convention as they represent their understanding of space, time and form in ways that are personally satisfying and pleasing. Music is the language of children adding original lyrics and new melodies to a familiar song.

Ava has been participating in music and movement classes since before she was even mobile, so it made sense for us to carry on with these classes when she started school as part of the school’s activities. But for a while now we’ve been thinking about dropping Be Sharp Beetles as we also don’t want to over burden her with too many extra mural activities and we were having a tough time deciding what to drop. Swimming is a no brainer, she has to know how to swim and she has shown a natural ability towards sports with excellent co-ordination and ball skills, far beyond her age, the kid can hit a golf ball with a golf stick for goodness sakes. Because sport played such a big part in both mine and Walter’s school career’s, we really want to encourage her to have a love of sport. So the obvious extra mural activity to drop was Be Sharp Beetles.

That is till we got to view the class this morning at parents day! The look on my child’s face while she participated was one of pure joy and there is now way, after watching her today, that we could possibly drop this activity either!

Now the question is…. how many extra mural activities is too much? I don’t want Ava to be one of those over scheduled children with no time to just play and be!