I think it goes without saying, I love Ava-Grace in ways that no words can every describe. My love for her is unlike any love I have ever experienced. Nothing can ever prepare a woman for the breathtaking way she will love her child. That love is so great, so infinite that sometimes it can actually hurt. Even just thinking about how much I love her makes my chest tight, my heart ache and my eyes burn with unshed tears.But yesterday my heart got hurt! We were going for our usual weekly swimming lesson’s, which Ava absolutley LOVES! She was looking ultra cute in her little swimming costume and Hello Kitty Cros when we arrived for our lesson. There were a group of children playing in the play area right outside in the indoor pool area when we arrived. Ava was so excited to be at swimming and to see all the other children and she was checking them all out and waving hello to everyone when she tripped over her own feet, went sprawling across the floor, grazed all the skin off her knee’s and both her elbows.

The part that nearly broke my heart was not seeing her get hurt, but seeing her utter embarrassment and humiliation at falling in front of all the other children. She was so mortified she covered her eyes with her hands and all I could see what her little lip trembling between her hands. When I picked her up and reassured her while I carried her in, only after she was sure we were out of sight of the children did she allow herself a little cry.

It was awful! I’m not sure who or what hurt more, Ava’s knee’s and elbows, her pride or my aching fragile mother heart.