It has to be said and he’ll admit it…. One of the worst people you ever want to hand your camera to and ask to take a photo on your behalf is Walter! He simply sucks at it! He never gets the zoom right, so either the photo’s have half of people cut off, or are zoomed out so far you can barely see who’s in the photo. His other favourite is to forget to use the flash when it’s needed, as what happened during my 40th birthday weekend. He took a hundred photo’s but none of them were usable!

As a result, the only photo’s I have of myself and of Ava and I together are always the ones that are taken by professional photographers. Every photo taken with our own camera is of Walter and Ava together and never include me. In a desperate attempt to create some photographic memories of Ava and I together, I always use the services of a professional photographer at her birthday’s and we also do fairly regular family shoots.

On Saturday we headed off to Bronwyn’s studio to take a few photo’s. I wanted some fun studio shots of all of us together and also some images of just Ava and I and then a few shots just of me to be used for interview purposes as things have started to happen on this little blog and I’ve even done some writing now that I’m getting paid for! Who would have thought!

Bronwyn sent me a sneak peak last night and as always I’m BLOWN away by her talent!



I absolutely love them! I hate professional photo shoots where the photo’s are so over photo shopped or the participants so over made up that they don’t look like themselves! I can’t wait to see the rest of the shots Bronwyn got.
If you’d like to book Heart & Soul for a photo shoot, whether it be a boudoir, studio or out door shoot, you can contact them here: