We learned this a year ago, exactly a year ago today. After I paced the floor of the boardroom in my office, hands shaking, phone pressed to my ear as I heard our social worker tell me that we had been selected. That we were the chosen ones. When could we come to meet our birth mother? Her due date was the 17th December and we needed to get there fast. Monday, 7th December 2009.

I remember literally running down the passage in our office to our our MD and FD’s offices. I remember stumbling into their reception area, completley out of breath and totally overwhelmed. My knees were shaking, I wanted to vomit. It felt like my heart was going to literally explode out of my chest as I recounted the telephone call to them. My MD was absolutley thrilled. He jumped up and flung his arms around me. My FD became contemplative, immediately asking me about maternity leave etc.

I remember phoning Walter. I remember how utterly disbelieving he was! And phoning my mother and hearing her sob on the phone.

I remember both Walter and I phoning the store where we’d bought our stupid-over-priced-brand-spanking-new big screen TV the previous day and asking them if we put all the components and cables carefully back in the box, if they would accept the stupid-over-priced-brand-spanking-new big screen TV for return. They wouldn’t! Apparently deciding you’d rather spend that vulgar amount of money on a baby instead of the stupid-over-priced-brand-spanking-new big screen TV was not really grounds for a return for credit.

I remember writing THIS post.