You have no idea. As I sit here at my desk, its exactly 06h30, its the third morning this week I’ve come in at this time and still I feel like I’m literally buckling under the pressure, the really sick part is that I LOVE it! I absolutely thrive under this kind of pressure, sick hey?

My line of work is very seasonal. Gaming is massive around all the holidays, so I work at a fairly even pace throughout the year, but around Easter, June school holidays and then from September to end December, I work like a demon. This week I felt the Christmas pressure start to build. My to do list has gotten so long I’m actually trying to ignore it because I fear it may bring on a full blown panic attack if I even look at it! My stomach pains and my hands shake. I’ve got so much to do I don’t know where to start! I’ve started getting cramps in my legs at night, so I haven’t had a good nights rest in a few days, I’m thinking it must be stress related as well.

I also think the stress is having an impact on my cycles. Its all rather confusing really, looks like I’m going to be having another very short cycle:

So I’m guessing I won’t be announcing my BFP this cycle either, because I think we may have missed the big O.
Oh well, nothing to do except remind myself to stay calm and not get overwhelmed by the work load.

Wish me luck!