Ava turned 10 months old, so I guess not to bad going. She’s had her first official illness and we all survived. My poor little treasure woke up yesterday and from the get go, she seemed lethargic, I thought she was just a little more tired than usual and headed off to work not thinking much of it.

An hour later I received a phone call from our nanny informing me that Ava had woken from her nap with a very flushed face and her body was boiling hot and she wouldn’t stop crying, she also had a temp of 39.2. By the time I got home, her temp was up to 39.5 so I administered some Empaped and decided to wait it out.

I can see she is cutting three teeth at the moment so put the temp and grumpiness down to that. After an hour of her temp fluctuating between 38.9 and 39.5, she fell asleep and on waking she did seem a little better. She ate all her lunch and within a few minutes, her cheeks were flushed and her temp was spiking again at 39.5 so I decided to call our GP who thankfully could see her within an hour.

My poor baby has Tonsillitis, from the sounds of things, for the first of many times. Yesterday was tough, she was really needy, obviously, and was not interested in getting comfort from anyone except me. She spent the whole day on my lap, whining & crying “mama mama” over and over and over again.

Thankfully her fever broke just after 11pm last night and we were all able to get a good nights rest and she seems much happier and perkier today, but not eating well. I’m sure all will be sorted within the next day or so as she completes her antibiotics.

And now for some cutie photo’s for not so Wordless Wednesday:


Ice Cream! YUMMY!!!
Spur ribs are DELICIOUS!
Pee-Ka-Boo Dada!