Yesterday, AG and I attended the Parent Education for Division 1 (0 – 6 months) Swimming through Aquatots. It was truly fascinating and we have some homework to do before she starts with Division 2 lessons in August. For now, its all about getting her confident while floating. She’s such a good little sausage that the instructor decided to use her as the model for the class demonstration. She lay their in the blow up pool, floating on her back and having a fat chat and a smile session with the instructor. She also kept turning her head to look for me (bless) and I landed up having to sit in front of the class with the instructor so she could see me at the same time.

The lesson was really interesting. We learned how to float them and swish them gently backwards and forwards in the bath or in a small blow up pool. We learned how to support their heads and chins so they don’t swallow water. Start teaching them how to make “nemo” hands while singing row row row your boat to them and how to encourage her to start the kicking action by kicking her legs and positively re-enforcing with the words splash splash splash. Apparently, later on,this will cause a reaction that when they’re put in the pool, they will start kicking as soon you start saying splash splash splash.

This weekend I’d like to go and buy AG a little blow up pool so that on the warm days we can do these exercises with her during the day. We will also do them in the bath, but this requires two adult, as one adult needs to sit in the bath while the other one passes her safely in and out of the bath. Because W works such long hours, it will mean that we will only be able to do the bathing on weekends.

She really loved being the demo baby yesterday and cooperated perfectly so I’m really hoping she will enjoy the lessons. We have a pool at home, and although it is covered with a safety net, I would feel better knowing that she knows how to swim as soon as possible. My cousin took her little girl for swimming lessons from the age of 5 months and the results are remarkable. She’s now 6 years old, super confident around the pool and swims like a fish. My nephew, on the other hand, was not given swimming lessons and he’s extremely nervous around the pool, this is not a situatin I want for my little darling.

So here we go……….splash splash splash!