I have to say, things are moving along swiftly on the one hand and at a snails pace on the other. I used to think the 2ww after IVF was torture, but its proving to be a walk in the park in comparison to this wait! One week too babies due date!! It may feel like another year before we actually get there.

Symptoms? Hell yes, just like the IVF 2ww, I have symptoms. I cry at the drop of the hat! I’m nauseous, mostly because my stomach churns constantly, I can’t eat, when I do eat I gag when swallowing. I’m battling to sleep and am awake every day from around 3am, just lying there day dreaming about what lies ahead. I’m distracted and I can’t think straight and I appear to be paralyzed. There are about a million things we need to do before next week and aside from getting our finger prints done and our police clearance application sent off and playing around with baby names, I’ve done pretty much nothing.

I think things will start to happen this weekend. We arrive in Cape Town on Friday at lunch time and my Mom and Dad are taking W and I to choose a travel system (up till two days ago I thought it was called a pram!) for our baby, there gift to us! I’m really excited about that! Then on Saturday morning we are going to baby goods shopping, to try and get all the goodies we’ll need for the first few days. On Saturday afternoon we’re going to meet our birth mum and finalize everything with our amazing social workers. Sunday will be spent gift shopping for the BM.

Initially, I wanted to buy her a hospital bag and fill it will all kinds of goodies, over and above the special keep sake we will get for her. But after yesterday’s discussion with our SW’s, I’m not sure how much use that will be for her as she’s opted for natural birth in the local provincial hospital, it means that her stay in hospital will be very short and there’s a strong possibility that we will take baby home the same day. But I really really want to get her something else aside from the keep sake, any suggestions?

W and I have played around with some idea’s for a keep sake, so far I’m leaning towards something like this:


We’re thinking of looking for a heart style locket charm for a charm bracelet or something that symbolizes the 4 of us (BM, Baby, W & I) and our hearts intertwined forever. I’m sure we’ll find the perfect gift on Sunday.

So for now, I painstakingly survive from one moment into the next counting down the minutes and the hours of the longest 2ww I could ever have imagined. I’m very thankful for our wonderful SW’s. I probably would have gone insane by now, but their kindness, guidance and reassurance has really helped me cope!