Yes! That’s a count down! In T-23 days I will be starting my first Frozen Embryo Transfer or FET or IVF #5 depending on how you want to look at it. I prefer to look at it as FET #1, I know a lot of women may not agree, and perhaps I’ll change my mind once FET #1 is over. But somehow, it just doesn’t feel right to call it an IVF. For starters, its not nearly as tough physically, what I mean is, there’s no awful stimming process and no egg retrieval and I know I shouldn’t think like this, but lets be honest, the success rates of FET’s are way lower than fresh cycles as well, so I’d prefer to distinguish between the two. The starting point of an FET will seem almost like an anti climax in comparison to a fresh cycle.

Not that I’m expecting my FET to be a walk in the park either. There will be a few changes to my FET, a couple of things I haven’t had before and I’m hoping that these will be the little bit of magic we’ve been missing, its also the two things that are going to make my FET a bit harder going, physically, that is. The first one is daily Gestone (progesterone injections) and Primogyn ( estrogen injections). The problem with these two injections that both are intramuscular which means they have to be administered high up on the buttocks. Now if any of you have had an intramuscular injection before you’ll know they’re generally a bit more tender than a sub cut injection. I’m betting that I’m going to be having a hard time sitting on my butt by the end of my 2ww but I’ll suck it up for that all important BFP and will continue to sit on one butt cheek at a time and continue on with these injections throughout the first trimester should I be successful. The second problem is that W will have to administer these shots and each time I mention it to him he gets rather pale. There is also a chance that he may be away for a portion of my FET cycle and Lord knows how I’m going to inject myself? I’ll also be having one Intralipid infusion around the time of ET and then again should I have a positive pregnancy test.

We are extremely fortunate, in that because of the number of embryo’s we got in our last IVF, we have enough embryo’s frozen for 2 FET attempts. We have 4 embryo’s on one fern (what the clinic refers to the storage of frozen embies) and another fern containing 3 embryo’s.Ā  We’ll use the fern containing the 4 embryo’s first and I’ve already told W that this time I’m going balls to the wall, whatever shows division after the thawing process I want transferred, if that is 1 embryo, 2 embryo’s, 3 or even 4 embryo’s, I want them all put back. I mean lets be honest here now, FET doesn’t have the highest success rates and what are the odds of ALL of them taking anyway?

So I’ve started my preparation phase, the eating still not so good, but I have started taking all of my meds and vitamins every day, something I haven’t done since my IVF failed in March. I’m also busy mentally preparing myself for what lies ahead in T-23………….