In less than one week my FET will be commencing and aside from getting my finances organized, my preparation has been zip/zilch/nada/niks! Its quite possibly the most narf attitude I’ve ever had going into a treatment. I haven’t cut back on my wine, I haven’t taken my meds, I haven’t taken any vitamins, I haven’t tried to exercise or eat well and frankly my dear, I don’t think I really give a damn! Very naughty I know.

Yesterday I decided it was time to stock up on my usual vitamins and base powders and I got my Ecotrin and other such meds and supplements together in preparation and last night I actually took the time to lay out all the goodies and check that everything I can get now I have. I even took my vitamins, base powders and the like. The rest I’ll get as I progress through the treatment.

So how am I feeling? Excited? Scared? Nervous? Anxious? Apprehensive?

Nope, none of the above, I seem to be completely ambivalent. I don’t really have any feelings or emotions about it right now but I’m willing to bet that once we get into the swing of things I’ll start to feel all of the above.  W will be away for half of the FET cycle and I’m not exactly sure how I feel about that either. I mean, on the one hand, it won’t be too different, aside from ER and ET he doesn’t attend the mundane scans with me. I mean lets get real here, been there and done that and gone around that block way too many times to require my husband to hold my hand, and if I’m honest, he’s actually rather irritating to have around for those sorts of appointments because he gets so impatient and just wants to get the hell out of there. This time around I’ll be having ET by myself, but I’m not too worried about that either, I’m really hoping that the ET will fall on a week day so I can have my Intralipid infusion at the same time and “kill two birds with one stone” rather than going in for Intralipid infusion and going home to bed (I’ve decided after how yuk I felt after the last infusions to take the day of the infusion off) and then again a day or so later taking back to my bed to take it easy after ET.

The only thing that concerns me slightly is working out the logistics of having somebody administer my daily progesterone and estrogen jabs. Because they’re intra-muscular I can’t really do it myself, I’m worried about asking one of my IF buddies to do it for me because I reckon my day 5 my ass is going to be so sore I may slap them and by that stage I’ll be so pumped on hormones that I’m going to be a raging lunatic, so I’m thinking it may be best to ask a professional to help, but who??? And what’s going to be most convenient??? I still need to get my head around that.

So in about T-4 days, AF dependant, I should be firing up for FET #1!