Girl or boy?

That seems to the question on everyone’s lips when asking about our second adoption application. Did we specify a gender the second time around? Do we have a preference? Which are we hoping for?

The short answer is that we have no preference. Healthy is all we hope for. 10 fingers and 10 toes. An uncomplicated legal process and 60 days, is what we hope for. A short wait is what we hope for.  But we’ll be overjoyed either way, boy or girl, that detail doesn’t really matter.

Of course, there are pro’s to either option and ones which excited both Walter and I. Although, I’d have to say, when Walter is asked, while he doesn’t really have a preference either way, he does say he’d love another little princess.

In terms of Ava, I think another little girl would be wonderful! I was with a colleague this morning standing out on the balcony at the office, her sister drove past, there was much waving and blowing of kisses and I couldn’t help think how special that would be for Ava to experience. How wonderful the bond between same sex siblings can be (I’m well aware this is obviously not always the case, but one can hope). In terms of preparation for a girl, we’d be able to jump right in really quickly the second time around, I have a massive stash of pink saved from Ava. I donated two huge bags full of girls goodies to Coronation Park over the weekend, but still have two trunks full of barely used Pumpkin Patch, Keedo & Naartjie goodies. So we’re all set for a girl. We also have some names picked out for a little girl, Ruby Rose, Lilly, Layla and of course Walter is totally hung up on an Emily.

But a boy would be wonderful to. Firstly because it would be something completley different to a girl. And secondly because I’d love a little Mamma’s Boy! 🙂 And of course a son for Walter to rough and tumble with, play cricket and rugby with. In my heart, I’d always thought I’d have a boy. When we started having IVF’s with PGD and the embryo’s were all male, the belief in a son was strengthened. He has a name, his name is Jonathan (which means God gives) or Jessie (which means God See’s).

So there you have it. No simple answer to that question. All that I can say is that it will probably be the first question I ask our SW’s the day we get the magical call to say we’ve been selected, but I’m quite sure, there will be much joyful squealing and happy hearts regardless of what the answer is!